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Samsung's Prostar is a small business phone system with big system features. Right out of the box the Prostar comes ready to use and fully equipped for 4 outside lines and 8 stations. Simply set a few switches and stations 7 and 8 are ready for use with standard telephone sets. No additional equipment is required. Growth is quick and economical. Simply add one card to expand to 6 lines and 12 stations. Add a second card to reach the maximum of 8 lines and 16 stations. Mix and match expansion cards to accommodate combinations of C.O. Lines, Tie lines, Keysets, and Standard Telephones. For even more cost effective communications you can configure your Prostar system for as many as 10 single line telephones. All stations, lines, and peripheral equipment connect to this compact wall mounted unit via modular connectors. An optional SMDR card may be installed to provide details of incoming and outgoing calls. Connecting a printer to call accounting machine will allow for collection of these records. For peace of mind Prostar gives you memory protection, and power failure transfer. If security is your concern Prostar features an optional door phone with door lock release. As an added benefit the KSU comes with 4 internal page zones and an external page output. Circuitry is provided for music on hold and background music through the keyset speakers. Installation and service are quick and easy.