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Advanced multimedia communications capabilities and substantial cost savings for businesses with up to 250 users, 5000 CP is based on open architecture interfaces and standard protocols, giving you the flexibility to tailor a system to suit your dynamic needs. Choose from a variety of applications for simplifying individual communications, accelerating information flow throughout your organization and automating common processes to reduce costs and improve productivity, with powerful, easy-to-use tools for managing voice, e-mail and faxes across all devices. Product Key Features 1. Increased Employee Efficiency: Mitel's powerful, easy-to-use interfaces and centralized directories put users in control of their communications and devices. 2. Faster Information Flow: Presence awareness and intelligent call routing applications provide quicker and more reliable connections. 3. Anytime, Anywhere Connectivity: Wireless support enables instant voice and data connections from anywhere. 4. Flexible and Cost-Effective Growth: Expands to support up to 250 users and multiple sites. Functionality can be added.