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VME stands for VERSA-Module Euro card introduced in 1981 for industrial, commercial and military applications. 1. Electrical and mechanical specifications are defined by the standard. 2. VME bus is a master-slave computer architecture. 3. The signaling scheme is asynchronous, meaning that the transfer is not tied to the timing of a bus clock. 4. VITA (VME International Trade Association) is the organization whose purpose is to promote and develop the VME As the VME is an asynchronous bus, the bandwidth indicated is a theoretical limit. For VME64, It works to around 80 MB/s of Theoretical maximum bandwidth ; usually the actual transfer rate is less than 50% of the bandwidth 5. High Readout Speeds 6. High Density Modules can provide up to 640 Channels (1 controller + 20 Digitizers) in a single VME crate with 21 slots. 7. Usage of high bandwidth optical interconnect link makes sure that the interconnect technology doesn't become a bottleneck while transferring data.