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Alcatel offers an integrated but modular system that makes advanced telephony, TDM and IP telephony, Internet, e-mail and LAN available to SME's in one single, easy to use and to manage communication system. They offer smart and friendly voice communication with a state-of-the art call server, embedded voicemail, personal assistant, automated attendant, integrated CTI server, and a full range of user interfaces (analog, digital, IP, mobile phones and PC Softphone). Native IP telephony : Voice can be transported over IP LAN or WAN, reducing costs of long distance calls. Alcatel IP-Reflexes phones sets can be combined with digital phones and benefit from the same level of services. Integrated components such as firewall, proxy server, cache server, IP VPN server, email server, and intranet server provide secure and controlled high-speed Internet usage (ISDN, ADSL, Leased Lines). You can have an embedded e-mail server for free of charge internal email service and external email capability avoiding external dedicated server on the LAN. Native Integration of voice mail and email delivers unified messaging solution. They offer support of standard email client (POP3/IMAP4) and Web messaging with the Alcatel Web Communication Assistant to access voice messages and email with a simple browser. Integrated LAN solution and services, such as DHCP, DNS, File Server, to easily deploy and manage the internal enterprise data infrastructure. Open technology and industry standards support. Linux-based system. Supports all industry standards for Internet, voice and data communications.